David Shrigley


The first publication devoted to David Shrigley’s taxidermy practice, Animals comprises photographs, preparatory drawings, a pull-out poster and an interview between Shrigley and Katrina Schwarz (Curator of Visual Arts, British Council).

Best known for his crudely composed and mordantly humorous drawings, Shrigley is a wry observer of everyday life. Funny, odd and worldly wise, his art encompass a broad range of media including drawing, photography, sculpture, animation, painting, unsettling intervention, spoken word recordings and pop-music videos.

Among other well-known works this book features, Ostrich (2009) which is a new acquisition for the British Council Collection and an exhibition highlight – the taxidermied bird has lost his head and gained a droll menace.

Published on the occasion of a British Council international touring exhibition David Shrigley: Lose Your Mind, opening at Hospico Cabanas in Guadalajara, Mexico (26 November 2015 – 28 February 2016), before touring on to museums in Chile, Korea, New Zealand, and Japan.

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