David Korty

Blue Shelves

This book documents an extensive series of paintings produced from 2013–2015. In over forty canvases, Korty presents objects arrayed on tiered ledges or within boxed compartments, conveyed in dilute monochrome ink against fields of midnight-blue pigment.

Each painting involves a rhythmic interplay of line, shape and colour. In common with his wider practice, Korty distances the objects from their sources (which are often his own drawings), abstracting the imagery into Cubist-style montages of segmented, overlapping and interlocking shapes.

Blue Shelves marks an ambitious new phase in Korty’s work, throughout which his sensitivity to colour and contour has combined with an increasingly formalist interest in surface, outline and the interplay of two-dimensional and three-dimensional space.

This book opens with a text by the artist Laura Owens, and features a new essay on Korty’s work by art historian Suzanne Hudson.

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