Monsters of the Id David Cotterell cover image

David Cotterrell

Monsters of the Id

David Cotterrell is an installation artist working across varied media including video, audio, interactive media, artificial intelligence, device control and hybrid technology. His work exhibits political, social and behavioural, analyses of the environments and contexts, which he and his work inhabit.

Derived from the artist’s journeys to Afghanistan, Monsters of the Id tests our expectations of cinematic and media representation, presenting a series of new works that experiment with advanced display technologies.

The exhibition captures the disorientation of a civilian observer within a militarised environment. Interplay between responsibility, expectation, fear, power and desire coheres a narrative across the exhibition.

Taking its title from the classic science fiction film from 1956, Forbidden Planet, the exhibition does not celebrate its iconic design, but instead is a subtle evocation of the strong human responses felt in a remote outpost.

Published to accompany the exhibition David Cotterrell: Monsters of the Id at John Hansard Gallery, 11 February – 31 March 2012

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