Daan van Golden Photo Books new cover

Daan van Golden

Photo Book(s)

Daan van Golden: Photo Book(s) is a book composed of other books: it reproduces the photo pages of Van Golden’s earlier books (most of which have long been out of print), as well as two little known photo essays, in their entirety.

The reproduction of pre-existing material, the insistent adherence to a set of core elements, gestures and images, the conviction that creating different juxtapositions and interactions between those same elements will yield new readings and meaning: these are the hallmark of Van Golden’s work, and here for the first time they serve as the organising principle for a book, one whose patient rhythm creates the space for the logic of a practice to establish its sensible presence.

More than just the images, the book documents the way in which the images were used over the years and the aesthetic and conceptual world they inhabit. It is common to see Van Golden’s photography in light of his painting, as an extension of it.

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