Cory Arcangel

All The Small Things

Cory Arcangel is a leading exponent of technology-based art, drawn to video games and software for their ability to rapidly formulate new communities and traditions and, equally, their speed of obsolescence. His work bridges the high- and low-brow, popular culture and art.

With All the Small Things, he presents media and cultural references that are widely accessible and known to the masses, in novel and unorthodox ways. Arcangel is a firm believer in making his work available and freely shares many of his video and code based works on the Internet.

His practice has gained Arcangel an immense online presence and following that is both independent of, and outside the mainstream fine art world. This first comprehensive monograph was designed in close cooperation with the artist.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Cory Arcangel: All The Small Things at HEART Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark, 22 March – 22 June 2014.

English and Danish text.

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