Corinne Wasmuht


Alnitak showcases twelve recent and new works by the Berlin based artist, Corinne Wasmuht, to be exhibited at Petzel Gallery, New York, 30 October – 19 December 2015.

In interview with Dr. Sabine Eckmann, the artist illuminates the complex relationship between her paintings and the digital era: how the overlapping worlds frozen within her muralsized paintings originate in the collection, rearrangement and assembly of countless Internet images.

Wasmuht’s new works, such as the eponymous Alnitak (named for the string of stars to the left of Orion’s Belt) evidence the evolution of her work from typologies to cosmologies or, as she calls them, ‘parallel worlds’. Wasmuht’s stunning paintings are beautifully reproduced and complimented by installation views as well as images of her artistic process.

English and German text.

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