Research Field Station #1

“Start copying what you love.

Copy, copy, copy.

And at the end of the copy, you will find yourself.” – Yohji Yamamoto

What this small collection hopes to show is the rich variety of approaches to copying, all working to challenge and expand our idea of what literature can possibly be.

Through the act of erasing, Bennequin, Fitterman, Thompson, Thurston and Bik van der Pol all reveal the very essence of their material, creating fragile ghosts and delicate sepulchres of literary monuments from our collective past in order to rethink the future of reading and writing.

To remodel this seminal relationship is the overt intention of Simon Morris, Joe Hale and Derek Beaulieu’s painstaking copying by rote.

Their literary investigations challenge the idea that the distinguishing qualities of a work of literature depend on a work’s textual distinctiveness.

First published in 2017, to accompany a small Research Field Station exhibition at Leeds Beckett University.

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