Clemens Wolf #2

In his artistic work Clemens Wolf deals with the retention of irreproducible moments. At the beginning of this investigation stood the urban space with its ruins and fences. Wolf captured the beauty of decay and transience in large, monochrome landscape paintings.

In his later works, the artist exchanged the image for the material. In the series Parachute Works paintings, objects, drawings and sculptures–the artist uses sorted out main and reserve parachutes, which he arranges on the canvas on the wall or in the space to draperies which he then freezes with colored epoxy resin.

For Wolf, the fold is a symbol of the ephemeral and the irreproducible. In the paintings of the series Expanded Metal Paintings and Expanded Metal Pigment Paintings Wolf uses expanded metal as a brush to create abstract painting. The question of objectivity and abstraction plays a central role in both groups of works, which find together in this publication

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