Christian Heiss

Monks Wear Sandals: Insights of an Architect

New book on the work of Christian Heiss.

Three hundred drawings/cartoons ask questions such as, ‘Are trees tired at night?’ or, ‘Does a person eat an entire supermarket over the course of a lifetime?’

Whiskers from Plato, Kant, Nietzsche and Mozart are shown along with stressed-out ants or the difference between young and old apples.

The draftsman, Christian Heiss, architect and owner of the architectural office Atelier Heiss, shares observations and raises fundamental questions such as those – inasmuch as almost everything in life is linked to architecture.

The texts, written in English and German, are his own: Wojciech Czaja contributed a foreword.

By the way: Do plump elephants exist?

English and German text.

Coming soon
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