Christian Andersson


Swedish artist Christian Andersson creates possibilities for alternative interpretations of truth in his work by formulating questions about our thought processes and visual perception.

Andersson reminds viewers that there are always alternatives and other ways of looking at the world by referencing art and architectural history, everyday culture, literature and the canon of Western civilization.

He presents forgotten or suppressed stories in a new way, thereby questioning patterns that have often become too rigid. Andersson’s large-scale installations create a moment of doubt long enough to put our perceptual faculties to the test by juxtaposing feeling and rationality.

Christian Andersson was born in Stockholm in 1973. He now lives and works in Malmö. He completed his studies at Malmö Art Academy in 2001, before exhibiting in Europe and the US.

After solo exhibitions at Moderna Museet in Malmö, Palais de Tokyo in Paris and participating in Biennale de Lyon, Kunstmuseum Thun is preparing Christian Andersson’s first institutional solo exhibition in Switzerland in close collaboration with the artist.

English and German text.

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