China at its Limits

An Empire’s Rise Beyond its Borders - Matthias Messmer & Hsin-Mei Chuang

‘A very timely and interesting book which will both help and provoke much discussion.’Lord Chris Patten (Last British Governor of Hong Kong)

There are seemingly no limits to China’s rise as a superpower. But the empire’s ambitions are being tested along its borders, where ruins of mysterious splendour and phantoms of ongoing tensions are overshadowed by the grandeur of China’s ascent. Highways are being built over forgotten battlefields and derelict shrines to link the country with the world.

In this scholarly and extensive volume, the destinies and landscapes shaped by an empire’s upheavals are portrayed intimately. Evocative photographs reveal the sentiments and sensibilities of China’s periphery, where a new world order is emerging.

Swiss photographer and writer, Matthias Messmer specialises his research into Chinese cultural spaces, geopolitics and Western images of China.

Taiwanese cultural researcher, Hsin-Mei Chuang explores the untold stories and cultural subtleties in Chinese and Taiwanese cultures, colonial history and its legacy in Asia.

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