Chambres de luxe

Artists as hoteliers and guests

The former Grand Hotel Thunerhof of the late 19th century has been the home of Kunstmuseum Thun since 1948. This formed the thematic background of the international group exhibition Chambres de luxe. The hotel (room) is a space or site of production for a while and a place of retreat.

For artists, a brief or regular visit to a hotel can be a stimulant for a spontaneous realisation of their ideas, such as diary-like documents or sketches. Starting their own hotels has also become an artistic practice.

Whereas struggling artists often used to stay in simple hotels in earlier times, the contemporary nomadic artistic community explores this state of in-between to be artistically productive.

The catalogue shows artists who deal with social and cultural aspects of the hotel room, or examine it as a place of self-discovery in their work are invited to this exhibition.

English and German text.

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