Central Asian Project

UK + CA Exchange Project

Central Asian Project is a unique collaboration between Central Asia and the UK, dedicated to forging new links between the art communities in both these regions through artists’ residencies, cultural exchanges and exhibitions.

The exhibitions showcase work from UK artists and some of today’s most influential artists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. As a whole, the group of artists draw attention to the similarities and differences between culture and contemporary art in these regions, and with artworks that deal with subject matter as diverse as Muslim prayer, Kazakh eagle hunters, the phenomena of Naomi Campbell, and punk romantic shamanism.

Providing an insight into Central Asia, and giving a new perspective on British cultural identity, Central Asian Project explores how personal and national identities are created through landscape, culture, history and politics, whilst challenging the prejudices and preconceptions that we hold about other countries.

This DVD collection of artists’ film and video is published retrospectively after the exhibition at Cornerhouse, Manchester, February – April 2007, and at SPACE, London, February – April 2007.

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