Carrousel Confessions Confusion 1

Jan De Vylder: René Heyvaert House for his brother / Peter Swinnen: Luc Deleu. Dépendance Furkapasshöhe / Arno Brandlhuber: Dominikus Böhm. St. Peter and Paul Church

Carrousel Confessions Confusion is a series of books curated by Studio Jan De Vylder at ETH Zürich.

World-renowned architects are asked to confess a building, a garden, a book or whatever could have been relevant in a certain moment of their life and career. The authors share places or situations that became important for personal reasons and sometimes unexpectedly. Confessing is always something personal and goes along with the idea of a certain confusion.

Carrousel Confessions Confusion is a series of sets. Each set is composed by 3 zines. Each zine is about 1 confession. Each confession is narrated through words and images by the author, a critical text mainly written by Maarten Delbeke, pictures by Filip Dujardin and a drawing by Inge Vinck.

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