Carolee Schneemann

From Then and Beyond

If a single, successful artwork is highly improbable and therefore seldom, it’s without a doubt even more unlikely to also achieve art-historical relevance. Carolee Schneemann created not only one but several works in her lifetime that subsequently became art-historical icons: Eye Body, Fuses, Meat Joy, Up To and Including Her Limits or Interior Scroll are all works that now belong to the curriculum of every art school.

In order to understand the extraordinary concentration of iconic works in the oeuvre of one single artist, the art historian Oliver Kielmayer and curator Lara Pan visited Carolee Schneemann in Springtown at New Paltz for extensive talks.

Supported by the Carolee Schneemann Foundation, the transcript of the last substantial testimony by the artist was edited into 27 monologues and dialogues, complemented with illustrations of works by Carolee Schneemann and photographs of her house.

Carolee Schneemann – From Then and Beyond’ includes a comprehensive biographical narrative and gives insight into the production conditions of an exceptional artistic phenomenon.

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