Carmen Herrera Works on Paper

Carmen Herrera

Works on Paper 2010–2012

This title is published on the occasion of Carmen Herrera: Works on Paper 20102012, an exhibition of new works shown in Lisson Gallery, Milan (25 January – 15 March 2013).

Herrera produced a number of paintings on paper throughout the 1960s but subsequently focused on canvas until revisiting the medium in 2010. This new body of work showcases not only her revised treatment of the medium but also a new dimension to her work.

Preparatory drawing lies at the core of Herrera’s practice and is the starting point for all her work. Herrera begins the process of making these paintings (comprising pencil and acrylic on paper) with mathematical drawings on tracing paper that are governed by lines, numbers and disciplined decisions.

It is here that the compositional rationale and choice of colour are formulated. As the works shown here demonstrate, once translated onto larger paper, of two different sizes carrying the same proportions, her mathematical precision and clarity of vision are expressed through a variety of shapes, structures and spatial relationships.

English and Italian text.

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