Bruno Boudjelal

Vanishing into Reality / Algérie, Clos Comme on Ferme un Livre?

Algeria is now open to travel, and Bruno Boudjelal has seized this new freedom to explore the country of his origins from east to west in an evocative five-part photographic essay.

The book’s title, Algérie, Clos Comme on Ferme un Livre [shut as one shuts a book] reflects the slow process of personal questioning for Boudjelal, who is re-appropriating his personal history to interrogate the complex realities of today’s Algeria.

With essays in French and English by Bruno Boudjelal and François Cheval.

Bruno Boudjelal: Vanishing into Reality / Algérie, Clos Comme on Ferme un Livre? was the winner of the 2015 Prix Nadar photography book prize.

Co-published with Le Bec en l’air in 2015.

English and French text.

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