Bruce Nauman

Audio-Video Underground Chamber

text by Edelbert Köb, Achim Hochdörfer, Stefan Neuner, Wolfram Pichler

In his sculptures, installations, photographs, videos, drawings and neon works, Bruce Nauman (an American born in 1941) has developed the main paradigms of minimal and performance art.

His spectacular media installation Audio-Video Underground Chamber (1972 – 74) consists of one concrete chamber, with dimensions related to the human body, buried like a coffin around 1.5 metres deep in the ground. Integrated into this chamber are a lamp, a camera and a microphone, which transmit images and sounds to the exhibition room. The actual existence of the buried cabin is concretised only in the viewers’ imagination by means of the live broadcast and two of Nauman’s explanatory, blueprint drawings. Image and sound transmissions call up associations with psychic and existential borderline areas, around which Nauman’s art repeatedly revolves: feelings of isolation and claustrophobia, experiences of loss of communication and of orientation, and the trauma of being buried alive. English and German text.

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