Brigitte Cornand: Grabigouji

To My Friend Louise Bourgeois

Brigitte Cornand first met Louise Bourgeois in 1994, directing a documentary about the artist entitled Chère Louise. From that moment the two women became great friends.

In 2004, Brigitte Cornand moved to New York and rented a place near Louise Bourgeois’s house. She visited the artist every day and spoke with her in French, a language the artist had not spoken for a long time. In this very personal book, Brigitte Cornand evokes memories of the time she spent with Louise Bourgeois. Her texts are illustrated with pictures of the artist towards the end of her life as well as photographs of her house and studio. Anecdotes, arguments and conversations bring this exceptional artist back to life and give the reader a rare insight into the private and intimate life that played such a large part in the creative work of this humorous yet anxious woman.

English and French text.

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