Brandon Ballengée

Malamp: The Occurrence of Deformities in Amphibians

The environmental artist and ecological researcher Brandon Ballengée possibly comes closest to an idealised synthesis between art and science.

His artistic practice is immersed in the study of biodiversity, ecological change and global species decline. In particular, Ballengée has been working on declining and abnormal development of amphibians as a way of visualising localised environmental degradation.

His practice incorporates primary biological research and ecological surveys, working with members of the community and scientists, culminating in art works, exhibitions and published scientific research.

This monograph brings together recent research, commissioned by The Arts Catalyst and Yorkshire Sculpture Park, into deformities in English amphibians with findings from his global studies on amphibian decline.

The book includes texts on Ballengée’s practice from arts, science and ecological perspectives, including a keynote essay by the renowned art critic and curator Lucy R Lippard.

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