Memories of the Narratocene

BRAIDS by writer Léo Henry (b. 1979) is a fantastic novel based on the work of the scientist Herve Le Guyader (Evolutionary’s biologist) showing we’re in the process of the 6th Extinction of the living due to Anthropocene — the Human Epoch — which destroyed the Earth’s ecosystem and implying due to climate change that many creatures will disappear… Including human beings.

It is on this basis that Leo Henry elaborated the themes of his fiction, inspired this time by a resistant and speculative thought as a place to make possibilities in the age of disasters.

These texts gathered in BRAIDS, found after the Catastrophe, date from around the year zero and tell the story of a new chapter in the history of the Earth. They are considered to be some of the last written testimonies of homo sapiens as a unique human species.

BRAIDS collects the intertwined stories produced by humans in a time of dramatic change — a future age in which our species is about to diverge into new branches. In this transitional era, stories are at the heart of our experience of the world: the narratocene.

Illustrated by Denis Vierge.

In the Dis Voir series, Illustrated Tales For Adults.  See also Theory of Multidreams, The Adventures of Percival and The Man Who Refused to Die.

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