Bernhard Leitner

Sound Space Sculpture Catalogue Raisonné

Since 1968, Bernhard Leitner has been creating sound spaces, meaning he considers sound to be an architectural, sculptural material.

His first work in this regard was a model of Soundcube, a walkable cube with a grid of 384 loudspeakers lining its six inner walls.

Moving sound through individually controlled loudspeakers distributed over an area creates spaces that are entirely auditory in nature.

Initial empirical studies conducted by the artist were followed by approximately 150 sound space sculptures created between the mid-1970s and the present, each a unique calibration of the relationship between the bodily perception and sound spaces as they emerge in physical space and in time.

Every one of Leitner’s sculptures can be experienced as an interior (visitors can walk, sit, lie down in them), and each reveals new psycho-physiological dimensions of experience. This is the first volume to comprise all of the artist’s sound space investigations, sound space sculptures, and sound space installations.

English and German text.

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