Bernd Lohaus


‘…what each of Bernd’s flowers represents, a fragile sculpture in the guise of a robust watercolour.’ — Joëlle Tuerlinckx

This is an extensive chronological catalogue of the flower drawings and watercolours from 1963 until 2009 by Bernd Lohaus (b. 1940 Düsseldorf, Germany). Featuring over 300 colour images and an accompanying essay by Belgian art historian, Catherine Mayeur.

Seven artists contribute to this book with a text or a poem: Baudouin Oosterlynck, Manfred Pernice, Narcisse Tordoir, Gérard Traquandi, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Philippe Van Snick and James Welling.

‘In Bernd Lohaus’s work, material becomes language. The chosen material for his sculptures may be wood, rope, stone and bronze, which the artist modifies only minimally, thereby allowing it to express itself, to speak its own intrinsic, physical language [..] From a historic perspective, Lohaus’s works were produced against a background of Fluxus, social sculpture, Arte Povera and material art…’ — Stephan von Wiese

Blumen is published by the Bernd Lohaus Foundation (Antwerp) and Ridinghouse (London), with the kind support of Daniel Marzona (Berlin), Tommy Simoens (Antwerp) and the Flemish Community.

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