Bart Julius Peters


Bart Julius Peters’ oeuvre is characterized by a sense of nostalgia, romance, and agelessness.

The coarse-grained black and white photographs appear to be much older than they actually are and to depict scenes of a fictional past.

This becomes all the more evident in his choice of subjects: as a cosmopolitan vagabond Peters roams the world in search of the ‘old world’, old-fashioned places and people, situations of a society running backward.

In the series of images in this book, models are caught seemingly unprepared or resting; time and places seem irrelevant, but are infused with a sense of decadence; and the sequencing and high density black ink used to print the images transform them into an unlikely narrative.

Edited and designed by Mevis & van Deursen, in close collaboration with the photographer, this limited edition artist’s book introduces work with a unique pace and style.

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