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Auf Zeit / For the Time Being

Wall Paintings – Painted Walls

There is a certain contradiction in the attempt to exhibit the history of murals in a museum, given that the mural’s history is necessarily an impermanent one.

The two exhibitions documented here: For the Time Being: Hidden Behind Plaster, Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and For the Time Being, Wall Paintings – Painted Walls, Kunsthalle Bielefeld in 2013 can only be temporary projects.

Beginning with works by the 1960s artistic avant-garde, the book ranges from Expressionist wall paintings to contemporary graffiti. Both exhibitions are comprehensively documented in text and images.

During the late 1960s murals were regarded as a sign of rebellion against the art market, since the works could not simply be sold. Today, temporary wall paintings and installations are an integral component of the art world.

English and German text.

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