Atelier 10

Now We Are Ten

In the artistic landscape, Atelier 10 is an unusual project in several senses. This art platform established both an atelier for artists and a gallery for exhibitions in a former baking factory.

With the goal of filling a gap in the sponsoring and perceptual offerings of the art world, Atelier 10 primarily supports the artistic achievements of persons with health-related or cognitive disabilities.

Categories such as Art Brut or Outsider Art have been used in previous decades in order to give a name to art from this dynamic field. Atelier 10 stands for the endeavour to operate beyond these classifications and to situate art at the centre of a society’s cultural life.

Features text contributions from Astrid Kury, Gabriele Ludescher, Ann Muller and Florian Reese.

With statements by Heidi & Ferdinand Altnöder, Philippe Batka, Franz Blaas, Christiane Cuticchio, Patrick Ebensperger, Maria Hofstätter, Anna Kasten, Otto Lambauer, Peter Liaunig, Esther Mlenek, Günther Oberhollenzer, Catherine Parayre, Evi Romen, David Schalko, Richard Soyer, Angela Stief, Sonja Weiklstorfer, Stefan Zeisler, and others.

The artists: Franziska Fischer, Johannes Grammel, Christos Haas, Lotta Hering, Kondraty Hvatit, Peter Kapeller, Katharina Kleibel, Viktor Kovar, Ivana Kralj, Franza Maier, Andreas Maurer, Manfred Muer, Brigitte Nehiba, Herbert Neuhauser, Franz Nigl, Eve Joy Patzak, Michaela Polacek, Elisa Schlifke, August Staudenmayer, Matthias Widmeyr, Stefan Wimmreuter, among others

Published on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Atelier 10. To visit their website, please click here.

English and German text.

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