Astrid Klein

Transcendental Homeless Centralnervous

Astrid Klein is best known for her large-format ‘photoworks’; since the 1970s she has combined found photographic images and textual excerpts with drawn and painted elements to produce striking black-and-white artworks.

Less well known, but equally complex, are the black and white paintings, collages, neon sculptures, mirror works, transparencies and ‘Schriftbilder’ she has created in over four decades of artistic practice.

This publication provides the first comprehensive overview of Klein’s oeuvre, which is noted for its ‘cool’ aesthetic, intellectual acuity and emotional intensity.

Accompanies the exhibition ‘Astrid Klein: Transcendental Homeless Centralnervous’ 24 Mar – 2 Sep 2018, Deichtorhallen, Internationale Kunst und Fotografie, Hamburg.

English and German text.

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