Asia Triennial Manchester. Who Do You Think You Are?

An Exploration into the Boundaries of Asian Identities in Contemporary Culture

What does it mean to be Asian today?

How can we begin to define negotiate, negate or remodel the boundaries of this vast continent in relation to identities and issues of gender, race, community, ability, borders, conflicts or their intersections?

This book is based on the symposium that was part of the Asia Triennial Manchester 2018. Who do you think you are? is a re-framing of the ambiguous and impossible demand so often encountered by people of colour in the post-industrial, multi-cultural city in the UK, where are you (really) from?

The provocation invited artistic, cultural and political responses to narratives around Asian identities, their intersection with present cultural preoccupations on the nature of identity, organised around dialectics of gender and sexuality; community and migration, technology and humanity.

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