Artist, Authorship & Legacy: A Reader

Edited by Daniel McClean

Edited by art law specialist Daniel McClean, this anthology of interdisciplinary essays critically examines the interlocking themes of artistic authorship, authenticity, and legacy from legal, art market, and art historical perspectives and is structured in three sections:

Part One: Authorship and Artists’ Rights

Part Two: The Artwork, Aura, and Authentication 

Part Three: Legacy and Its Stewards

The book addresses how artistic authorship is iterated over time by different actors, from the artist to the artist’s heirs to art experts. It is through the law that artists’ rights of authorship are articulated and tested against collectors, dealers, museums, and even against other artists and photographers.

It is increasingly through the law that conflicts are being resolved in the art market as it expands (at least at the high end) despite short-term dips across the world and as artistic production dramatically increases to meet demand often leading to legal disputes particularly between artists and collectors.

Daniel McClean, is a renowned consultant in the field of art and cultural property law, working with different sectors of the art market. He is the commissioning editor of, Dear Images: Art, Copyright and Culture (2002) and, The Trials of Art (2007), both published by Ridinghouse.

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