Stories of youth and resistance in Russia, 1815-2017

‘This is an important book for anyone who is interested in 20th century geopolitics and youth culture’ — Jon Savage

Artemy Troitsky is a renowned Russian journalist, cultural and music critic, concert promoter, broadcaster, and academic. His latest book, SUBKULTURA comes out of ongoing research and presents a personal take on an alternative history of modern Russia’s society and culture. Arranged chronologically from the early 19th century through to the present day – from Alexander Pushkin to Pussy Riot, from the Decembrists to the Cubo-FuturistsSUBKULTURA takes in seminal individuals and groups that have been instigators of social or political change, and that collectively provide an insight into the different facets of the Russian psyche.

Writers, artists, musicians, philosophers, nouveaux riches and skinheads, anarchists, revolutionaries or part of the status quo – Troitsky treats all with equal measure as having helped shape the Russia of today. Richly illustrated with archival footage, art works, and images taken from the author’s personal collection. Textually and visually, it reflects on the development and relevance of conceits such as freedom or the social role of creative expression throughout the periods captured by Troitsky’s narrative, and looks at them through a historical perspective.

Published by HOME in partnership with The New Social.

The book will be launched at HOME, Manchester on the opening weekend of its Return to Memory group exhibition (21 October 2017 – 7 January 2018), one that seeks to redress the legacy of the Russian Revolution on its centenary.

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