Arrivals and Departures

New Art Perspectives of Hong Kong

Marking the 10th anniversary of the handover/reunification of Hong Kong in 2007, the exhibition Arrivals and Departures brought together a range of artistic practices in response to notions of place, identity and belonging.

Continuing Urbis’ exploration of cites and urban life the exhibition presented dual perspectives of Hong Kong, from within and outside, through 10 newly commissioned artworks by Hong Kong and British-Chinese artists.

The publication documents the exhibition and artworks including a curatorial discussion with curators Sally Lai, Yuen Fong Ling, Howard Chan and Siu King-chung that reflects the question of proximity through the ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ relationships formed by artists towards the city, whose shifting historical and political role remains in constant renewal.

Arrivals and Departures was the first major exhibition on Hong Kong to take place in the UK, supported by Urbis, Arts Council of England, Hong Kong Development Council, and Sarah Wu, Director-General of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London.

English and Chinese (Cantonese) text.

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