Arne Reimer

Long Play

Long Play is a subtle and intense photo book about the era of the vinyl record. For more than a decade, photographer Arne Reimer has visited record stores and collectors in Europe and the United States: from Berlin to London; and from Seattle to Nashville. His contemporary portraits and interior photography also deal thoughtfully with the past.

‘The vinyl record was once a powerful medium’, writes Ulf Erdmann Ziegler in his essay, ‘but its greatness really only became visible when second-hand stores took over twenty-five years ago.’

Reimer looks back to an analogue age: carefully collecting evidence in dusty crates, shop windows and stacks of record covers. In addition, his photobook shows found footage that documents the evolution of the medium and how the record became part of everyday life and popular culture.

Long Play follows the photographer’s bestselling two-volume portraiture book, American Jazz Heroes.

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