Ansel Krut

It could be suicide …

A tabloid newspaper published to accompany Ansel Krut’s solo show at domobaal in 2004.

Title includes a story ‘The Two Bills’ and 14 real–size drawings by Ansel Krut, taken from original pen and ink drawings, on newsprint.

Drawing on the tradition of graphic satire and black humour more usually associated with popular arts: flysheets, illustrated broadsheet and cartoons, these images depict a barbaric and uncertain world, one that oscillates between cruel and comic extremes.

All made with brush and ink on prepared paper and executed with deceptive simplicity and directness their small scale belies their vitriolic viewpoint.

Here are monstrosities and mutations, ennobled animals and bestial humans, piles of eyeballs and episodes of cannibalism. Whatever is bewildered, rancid, maggoty and ridiculous has found its way into these drawings; the fag ends and gutter sweepings of urban life. Bizarre and unsettling they flicker between the credible and the ludicrous.

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