Anne-Marie Copestake

Joy Boy

Joy Boy is a new work made by Glasgow-based artist Anne-Marie Copestake for Aye-Aye Books. It comprises photographic and drawn images and a printed text on two sheets of paper (of different sizes), completed by a cardboard tube with small inked initials.

Four separate parts combine to present the narrative, each element being integral to the whole, with neither text nor image privileged above the other.

Joy Boy is designed to be read through the inter-relationship of the objects – some form a background, some objects take a more active part. The scale of each object is important.

The tube functions as container, object, and part of the whole work. Within is a single printed sheet with a smaller insert inside. The larger print contains the smaller, but is also a poster.

Each work is embossed with ISBN number, artist and publisher name, and date.

Limited edition.

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