Anna & Bernhard Blume

SX-70 Polaroids 1975 – 2000

Anna and Bernhard Blume’s large and grotesque photo series are now well-known. The artists stage paranormal events, in a documentary style, within typical bourgeois settings or in regions that have symbolic meaning in the German art world (e.g. the Black Forest).

The objects (dishes, plants, fruit and vegetables) and the protagonists (mainly the artists themselves, dressed up as bourgeois characters) are spun into the air, fly-off, levitate above the ground or roll around.

The undercurrent of madness that is inherent in every domestic life is made visible. The Blume’s largely unknown Polaroid pieces are characteristic of all of their work, with one trivial difference: they are all small colour photos.

Simultaneously banal and precious, intimate and bizarre, the Polaroids are miniature pieces planned to the smallest detail, possessing no less artistic cogency than their monumental counterparts, and with a clear stylistic development of their own.

English, French and German text.

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