Anna Barriball

The british artist Anna Barriball makes drawings, sculptures and videos that reveal hidden meanings in the everyday and overlooked.

For her drawings of architectural elements, such as doors, windows and walls, she transfers the textured surface into an impression of the object on paper. This time-consuming process results in relief-like images that retain the three-dimensionality of the original material. This relationship between the object and the flat surface also characterises the sculptures she formed by wrapping ink drawings around her own body.

A recent development is Barriball’s introduction of luminous colour, developing from the fluorescent glows added to the edges of drawings to the flooding of videos with coloured tints. This indication of atmosphere or mood continues her subtle transformation of the textures of the domestic environment into a dense language of their inner life.

The book shows works from 2006 until today.

Published alongside an exhibition at Kunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart, Biel/Bienne, 15 April 10 June 2018.

German, English and French text

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