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Anish Kapoor


This accordion-format notebook  presents 10 of Kapoor’s unpublished gouaches.

Anish Kapoor presents another side of his talent. Ten previously unpublished gouaches folded into a concertina compose an astonishing symphony for the eyes. Abstract, curvilinear marks form oval frames around central spaces using a palette of deep blacks, oranges and purples.

Raw and intuitive, sensual and referential, the paintings create a constant feeling of motion, giving life to the depths of internal spaces and exploring the spiritual within the corporeal realm.

In contrast to the grand gesture of his previous sculptural work, it’s this vibrant world within the void, the rich landscapes of mysterious realms that Kapoor investigates and opens up to the viewer in this striking artist’s book.

In 2011, Kapoor is the guest of honour of Monumenta in Paris.

English and French text.

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