Published to accompany the group exhibition of the same name at Haunch of Venison, June – September 11 2004, this catalogue includes artworks by 17 acclaimed international contemporary artists from Europe and America which explore the issue of how the otherness of animals opens up new ways of thinking.

The works question the common ways we understand animals, and rather than objectifying or anthropomorphising them, present them as beings in their own right, often incomprehensible and mysterious. most of the works are new or previously unseen in the UK, and a number have been made especially for this exhibition. The artists use a wide range of styles and media, including video, photography and sound sculpture. This variety of approaches gives the viewer the opportunity to consider both the subjectivity of animals and their difference from humans.

The texts are by philosopher Raimond Gaita, Professor of Moral Philosophy at Kings College London and exhibition curator Christiane Schneider.

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