Andreas Horlitz

Arbeiten - Works

essays by Klaus Honnef, Irene Netta, Sybille Omlin, Hans Scheurer, Stephan Trescher

This is the first monograph on Andreas Horlitz whose work spanning 25 years includes conventional photography, photo-technical montage, use of the light box, mirror and light works, and architecturally related, site-specific projects. Thematically his influences include personal responses to art-historical references and interior views from the world of machines and apparatus, and he pays special attention to every conceivable form of text and language, whether discovered by other artists or from his own inventions.

Self-portraits, mirroring DNA sequences, are set next to over-focused chain mail against a red ground; the Rosetta stone and a Lessing autograph next to the spectral analysis of a remote star; a postcard-size photo montage next to a high luminescent column. Includes biography and bibliography.

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