André Cadere

Documenting Cadere, 1972–1978

Compiled and edited by curator and art historian Lynda Morris, this title offers an original and highly personal perspective on Cadere’s place in the Conceptual Art world of the 1970s, and the continuing relevance of his ideas around ‘space and politics’.

At the centre of the publication is Morris’ chronology of Cadere’s exhibitions, appearances, walks and lectures during the last six years of his life.

This major piece of research shifts the focus away from the ‘round bars of wood’ as objects, and instead focuses on the meaning contained in the printed documents (gallery invitations, notices of lectures, debates and mailings) that record Cadere’s actions, movements and social relationships.

These archival documents come predominantly from two sources – the archive of Lynda Morris and the Herbert Collection, Ghent.

The publication contains new translations of lectures given by Cadere (Leuven, 1974), as well as reproducing an interview with the artist.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Documenting Cadere, 1972–1978 at Modern Art Oxford; Mu.ZEE, Ostend, and Artists Space, New York, in 2012–13.

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