Richard Talbot: All Depth and No Substance

Drawing and Video

All Depth and No Substance presents new video and drawing work by Richard Talbot, together with an essay by Richard Talbot and Matthew Hearn.

The work explores Talbot’s drawing practice and its relationship to the history and use of linear perspective. It proposes that there is an ambiguity implicit in the geometry of linear perspective, which is why it continues to defy interpretation and generate debate.

Talbot proposes that perspective never was the fixed entity – the ‘rational’ system, or even the ‘culturally determined’ system – that it is generally now taken to be, or is presented as.

The video and drawings demonstrate and embody the alternative interpretations possible within the most simple of perspective constructions.

Their format and installation critique those paintings that are held to be prime examples of the use of perspective in the early Renaissance, but which, when looked at closely, defy the rules of perspective.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Platform-A Gallery, Middlesbrough Railway Station, 18 December 2013 – 30 January 2014.

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