Aline Bouvy

Cruising Bye

Aline Bouvy’s catalogue takes the form of loitering, in that it is as much about sexual vagrancy and police patrols as stray dogs and queer flirtations.

On the horizon of this poetic, transgressive deviation, we spy the utopia of a fluid sexuality which the visual artist assimilates less with pragmatic LGBT militancy than a permanent critique of the aesthetic and health codes which society uses to keep our bodies in check and contains its desires.

Anticipating the end of mortifying inhibitions, her artistic approach undertakes an unbridled eroticisation of our environment by incorporating rundown materials, decadent postures and disused territories.

Her multidisciplinary palette, alternating thermoformed Plexiglas, inlaid linoleums and remote-controlled vehicles, surprises the public through its infringement of good taste and its disregard for taboos.

Accompanies the exhibition ‘Aline Bouvy: Cruising Bye’, 27 Feb – 18 Sep 2022, MACS (Musée des Arts Contemporains), Grand-Hornu, Belgium.

English and French text.

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