Alicia Paz

The Garden of Follies

Alicia Paz grew up in Mexico and studied in California, Paris and London. Her paintings seem infused with the interplay of impressions gathered at all of these stations – and her life path as an artist is exemplary for our time, with its borders and the cultural overlaps, mutual contemplations and reflections connected to this phenomenon.

The invariably female personages appearing in her paintings, paper reliefs and recently also favoured medium of cut-out sculptures creates a role play of iridescent identities.

This catalogue provides both an overview of her painterly oeuvre of the recent years and an opportunity for readers to engage with her artistic thought process, which is visualized and made concrete here.

By employing pictorial overlaps, embossing, glitter effects and special paper inlays, the book operates with a similar diversity in terms of visual components as the art works do, hereby giving this catalogue a decidedly object-like character.

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