Alice Attie

Alice Attie, an artist who has devoted herself to the medium of drawing for a long time, maintains that her intellectual interests and academic career are important sources of inspiration for her work.

Although she never completed a formal course of art studies, while studying literature, poetry and comparative literature she created drawings with which she responded to specific literary works by Stéphane Mallarmé, Michel Foucault or Franz Kafka.

Attie’s abstract and highly discerning ink drawings, which she terms ‘visual analogies to profound reflections,’ straddle the line between writing and images. Serial textual elements, strokes and lines in ink are superimposed on one another; with their fragile lines and isolated blots of colour, the resulting images that are sometimes difficult to interpret appear to be organic.

In the preface to this catalogue, Attie writes that she is fascinated by the broad range of possibilities for inscribing oneself on paper, regardless of what the scribble that lays claim to the space may be. Her works can be seen as exploring the options of inscriptions, a process that the artist describes as ‘thinking-drawing-gesturing.’

English and German text.

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