Ali Banisadr

One Hundred and Twenty Five Paintings

‘People are always afraid of what they don’t understand, but artists have to step into the void – the unknown. The unknown territory is where it’s worth exploring.’   Ali Banisadr, 2014

Oscillating between the abstract and the figurative, New York-based artist Banisadr’s paintings feature fantastical landscapes populated with grotesque hybrids in a perpetual state of frenzy.

These characters – conflations of animal, god, machine and human – are deftly captured in whirling, exuberant brushstrokes.

Frequently there is a sense of a heaven and earth: in the lower half, we witness temporal struggles, physical conflict and angst, while above the characters seem more at peace; as if they have surrendered themselves to the ether.

This illustrated monograph features colour plates, detailed illustrations, a foreword, essay by Dr Robert Hobbs and conversation between the artist and philosopher Boris Groys.

Published alongside the first ever UK solo exhibition of the artist, Ali Banisadr: At Once at Blain|Southern, 11 February  – 21 March 2015.

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