Aldo Giannotti

Spatial Dispositions

The newest intervention at the Albertina features a special focus: at the museum’s invitation, Italian artist Aldo Giannotti uses his conceptual drawings to examine the Albertina’s historically complex structure with its various collections, employees, and visitors in a way that is both performative and installative.

Within a group of several interconnected stations, the artist recombines the museum’s various protagonists to create new relational networks, a strategy that has also given rise to an artist’s book with Albertina-related drawings by Giannotti as well as a limited edition of posters relating to the intervention.

With this multi-layered project, Aldo Giannotti breaks with traditions and conventions to develop new spatial, architectural, historical, and social relationships in a way that is humorous and occasionally critical of society and/or institutions.

German, English and Italian text.

Accompanies the exhibition Spatial Dispositions: Aldo Giannotti, 26 Jul – 11 Sep 2016, Albertina, Vienna, Austria.

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