Albrecht Schäfer

One Day

Albrecht Schäfer’s works deal with conceptual artistic strategies using a very diverse range of approaches, techniques and materials, often based on everyday objects and ideas.

Many of the objects used by the artist take an unusual and surprising twist following this intervention.

Among the specific physical conditions of the Museum Morsbroich, a Neo-Baroque moated castle, his works address and reflect on the unique atmosphere of the exhibition location.

Schäfer’s themes are movement as tension or a fleeting moment and light in the form of rays, shadows, twilight or even as something that is absent.

These are objects in transformation, in suspense, in metamorphosis – in short: in motion.

Within this process, they constantly critically address the situational and perceptive conditions, in other words they deal with the general prerequisites for artistic work.

English and German text.

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