Alan Johnston

Drawing a Shadow: No Object

This publication, designed in close collaboration with the artist, is primarily a pictorial documentation of the artist’s new installation at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds (February – May 2010).

Alan Johnston was invited to use the Institute’s white walls as a blank sheet of paper on which to base his drawing.

Arriving in Leeds a month before his show opened, he divided the main galleries up into unequal frames, drawing directly with a pencil onto the walls in strips covering an area of about 2 square cm.

Navigating the corners, recesses and architraves; the space which is left is equally as important as the space that he fills in; constantly measuring the shape in space, he makes sculpture out of architecture

Part of an ongoing series of wall drawings – which includes works at the Haus Wittgenstein in Vienna, Inverleith House in Edinburgh, the Museum of Fine Art in Houston and SAFN in Reykjavik – the installation explores the ways in which we see a building and how this viewing can be made manifest.

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