Adam Dant

The People Who Live on the Plank

The large format of this artists’ book is in keeping with Adam Dant’s literalist approach and will provide access to the minutia of his highly detailed drawings. His large-scale works consist of interconnected roundels filled with visual, non-linear narratives. Whilst reminiscent of old-fashioned comic books, or Hogarth’s prints of the 18th century, these narratives are timeless, like the human folly they depict.

Adam Dant (b.1976, lives in London), has exhibited worldwide, with solo exhibitions in Paris and New York and his drawings, installations and other artworks are in the collections of the Arts Council of England, The Museum of London, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon, The Museum of Modern Art, New York and numerous other public and private collections. Includes a short biography of the artist.

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