Abigail Lane

Tomorrow's World Yesterday's Fever

Tomorrow’s World, Yesterday’s Fever (Mental Guest Incorporated) is Abigail Lane’s first solo exhibition in a public gallery in the UK since 1995 and perhaps the most ambitious single showcase of her work to happen anywhere since that date. The exhibition consists of three large-scale installations, initially conceived as companion pieces and showing together for the first time. Conjuring a beguiling, theatrical mood from their mix of disparate elements (old-style music hall posters, looping film projections and set-piece sculptural items), The Figment, The Inspirator and The Inclination continue a fascination with the fantastical and the uncanny that has long been a feature of the artist’s work. Abigail Lane is well known for her large-scale ink-pads, her wallpaper made with body prints, her wax casts of bodily functions, as well as a number of unsettling and ambiguous installations in which the human body is simultaneously present and absent. In these earlier pieces, Lane emphasised the physical marking of the body, as traces or as evidence. For this project, she turns inward to explore the mysteries and vagaries of the psyche; yet finds a means of embodying some of the phantom presences that lurk there that is as immediate, graphic and compelling as any of those earlier works.

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